Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is focused on the strategic recruitment of new members and retention of current members with commitment toward diversity of the field, practice partners and students, benefit articulation (current/future), and member levels.

1.  Develop a standardized process including documentation and workflow for monitoring and managing AIHC membership.

2.  Develop a standardized process including new member onboarding and communication.

3.  Collaborate with Communication Committee to establish a standardized process and calendar to regularly inform members about engagement opportunities/benefits.

4.  Develop and implement a diversification plan to increase membership.

5.  Work in coordination with Communication Committee (they are going to lead the effort) to revise the website to include communication about membership and member benefits, etc.


If you are a member of the Membership Committee, click here to access the group on!


Angela Cecil  
Amber King

Jim Ballard Co-Chair
Erin Breitenbach Co-Chair
Kimberly Shepler  
Elizabeth Kalb  
Gina Baugh  
Darcy Nelson  
Sarah (Mandy) Reece  
Julie Ronnebaum  
Kelly Karpa