Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for the generation of member communications in coordination with content generation from committees.

1.  Monthly email briefs and quarterly newsletters.

2.  Assist in completing AIHC Branding Project.

  • Immediate Need (August-September Deadline): Develop “AIHC stories” to help with branding….how has AIHC helped me, etc.
  • Immediate Need (August-September Deadline): Create 2 new marketing/communication items to promote AIHC membership and recruit new members at Nexus Summit, CAB VII, and ATBH
  • Short Term Goal (August – January Deadline): Review and finalize materials distributed to AIHC Affiliate Conference partners

3.  Collaborate with National Center to develop a communication strategy and implement the strategy to utilize all the information from the AIHC Branding Project.

4.  Assist in development and implementation of an updated AIHC website (lead and work in coordination with all other committees to ensure their content is displayed on the website).

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Genevieve Beaird  
Scott Bennie  
Paige Brown  
Tracey Earland  
Todd James  
Martha Sexton Co-Chair
Sarah Shrader  
Craig Slater Co-Chair