What is AIHC?

Health, health care, and the health professions workforce in the United States are undergoing dramatic change, and barriers to health are substantial. Issues of access, safety, timeliness, efficiency, and effectiveness require centeredness on patients and communities. These urgent issues demand thinking beyond health care and health care delivery system to define health in new ways. Health requires a community focus, an “all-policies” focus, a focus on prevention and wellness, and an interprofessional focus, and must be facilitated through teamwork in learning and practice.

In many respects, health professions education remains isolated from practice realities, and profession-specific learning does not prepare future and current health professionals for working together. We must transcend boundaries to connect “traditional” health professions, educators, new and emerging health and care providers, care coordinators, administrators of health care delivery and payment systems, and policy-makers in partnership with patients, communities, and populations.

The American Interprofessional Health Collaborative transcends boundaries to transform learning, policies, practices, and scholarship toward an improved system of health and wellness for individual patients, communities, and populations. We transcend:

  • Professional  boundaries;
  • Organizational boundaries;
  • Various perspectives and philosophies of interprofessional teamwork and collaboration;
  • Stages of professional development;
  • Boundaries around education, practice, and research;
  • Boundaries around professionals and individuals, communities, and populations; and
  • Geographic and national boundaries.

Composing the American Interprofessional Health Collaborative are individuals and organizations committed to influencing a more positive future. As institutional and program leaders charged to ensure the integrity, viability, and quality of education and training programs, as leaders of policy-setting organizations and agencies committed to assuring health in all policies, and as leaders in systems impacting health and care delivery, we transcend profession- and organization-specific boundaries. We advocate for and advance the alignment of the interprofessional educational programs; the importance of interprofessional health care delivery; and the research programs that facilitate examining these education-practice linkages towards better outcomes for health and health care.

The American Interprofessional Health Collaborative believes educating those entrusted with the health of individuals, communities, and populations to value and respect  each other’s unique expertise and skills and to work together is fundamental to care that is effective, safe, of high quality, and efficient in terms of cost, resources, and time.

The American Interprofessional Health Collaborative is committed to the preparation and deployment of a workforce that exemplifies ethics and values for interprofessional collaboration; that understands the breadth and complexity of roles and responsibilities for collaborative practice; that has the foundational skills for effective interprofessional communication; and has the requisite competencies for interprofessional teamwork and provision of team-based care of individuals, communities, and populations.

The American Interprofessional Health Collaborative promotes the scholarship and leadership necessary to develop interprofessional education and transform health professions education across the learning continuum, for students, practitioners, and educators.

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